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Gish Support / Linux Gish 1.4 patched: /usr/bin/cnrsign not found
« on: August 24, 2005, 06:15:15 PM »
I just upgraded Gish on Linux to 1.4, and got the following error when running Gish:

Code Sample
jacius [gish] $ ./gish
sh: /usr/bin/cnrsign: No such file or directory
You are not authorized to use gish

This occurs only when patching from the gish_1_4_patch.tar.gz tarball. Downloading and unpacking the full installer (gish_1_4.tar.gz) fixes this problem.

A quick Google search brought up this Linspire page about CNRSign.

Did ChronicLogic get their Lindows version patch confused with the Linux version patch?

P.S. I repeat, this problem can be resolved by downloading the full installer, rather than the patch.

Gish Editor / Gish Editor
« on: December 15, 2004, 07:21:22 PM »
Oh, it's built into the game now. Fancy ;)

(For other people who ask the same thing: Start Gish, select "Start" on the front menu, choose a player, and then choose "New level". This will put Gish in a rather bland room. Press F1 to start/stop editing the level)

Gish Editor / Gish Editor
« on: December 15, 2004, 07:05:59 PM »
(I don't know if this reply will work or not, as I can't view page 5 of this thread)

The links to download the editor (on the first page of this thread) no longer work. Is the editor supposed to be included with the 1.3 patch? I don't see it in gish_1_3_patch.tar.gz.


General Discussion / Stuff I want to see in the next patch
« on: August 21, 2004, 02:48:57 PM »
I mean no offense to you, ExplodingCabbage, but the design of the level editor should, and most likely will, reflect the design of the game's existing levels. There is a pretty clearly defined format for the levels (as shown by the fact that there *are* levels), and I imagine that Chronic Logic has an editor that they use internally (although it may not be bug-free or easy to use, and thus not suitable for release to the public).

I definitely would like to see the ability to play already-found secret levels from the level select, and for the level select to allow you to beat levels and play the next one. A cooperative mode would be great; hopefully some newly designed levels which require two Gishs to get through.

The biggest change that I think Gish needs is a new model for damaging Gish (and Hera/Gray). I have three major peeves with the current model:

First, spikes are not realistic. That is, Gish is damaged by merely being in contact with the spikes, rather than the sharp, pointed shape of the spike piercing Gish and thus causing damage. This is not a very big deal, because you are supposed to avoid the spikes anyway.

Second, Gish often gets caught at the edges of elevators and "sucked under" resulting in immediate death by pinching. Many of these elevators are secret, and you cannot even see where Gish is, so it is impossible to try to avoid the edges. Even if you avoid dying, many of the elevators will not come down again, and thus you are stuck in a secret chamber and have to restart the level.

The biggest problem is that Gish is an imposter! Yes, I know he is supposed to be a tarball, or at least a life-form that resembles a ball of tar, but this is not how he is modeled. That is to say, Gish is modeled as a ring with partially-rigid connecting spokes going through his middle (or something similar to that). Gish's mass is thus largely located on his perimeter, rather than his center, with the result being that he is prone to collapse in on himself or be inverted.

One of two things should be done: either his physical model should be altered to fit his damage model, or his damage model should be altered to fit his physical model. I personally think his damage model should be changed so that if too many of his "bones" break (that is, undergo too much pressure), then he would be damaged.

Alternatively, he could be made more liquide-like. For example, his face would 'slosh' arount inside of him, and only his head would take damage from pinching.


General Discussion / Who has beat Gish?
« on: August 04, 2004, 07:38:22 PM »
I finally managed to beat the game without killing Hera! I tossed a block up to press down the switch (Hera was at the lower level, not above the lava pit), went down with Hera, and when she tried to run me over I used heavy/hard mode to bounce her up onto the right side of the second level, and then hurried over to the right to get Brea. Hera tried to follow me, but just ran into the right wall on the second level. I caught Brea and took her to safety, with Hera still up on the second level safe and sound!  ':cool:'

Unfortunately, there is no special ending for both Hera and Brea surviving, as I had previously thought  '<img'>  It still gave me the same old "some say you can hear her screams from the depths..." blurb. Rather disappointing. I was hoping for something like "Gish knocked talked some sense into that crazy ho, Hera, and she stopped bothering Gish and Brea, who lived happily ever after."

Maybe in the next version...?


General Discussion / Who has beat Gish?
« on: July 20, 2004, 04:40:25 PM »
I beat Gish (that is, defeated the final boss) the day after I got it (I got stuck on the Planes for a while), perhaps 10-15 hours play time. I had a lot of practice maneuvering Gish playing the demo, so I didn't need to get used to his unique way of moving around. I then beat it again to get a better ending, which took only 2 or 3 hours.

Still, it took me many many lives, and I don't think I've gotten any of the secret levels or much of that fun stuff. I'm going to play through again and see if I can beat the game without killing Hera, as a good half of the ending deals with her. The problem will probably be stopping her from following me and thus accidently falling into the lava.

As many other people have said, a level editor would be very, very cool. And, the collision detection does seem a little bit off; perhaps Gish is simply too relaxed (that is, not very tense ':<img:'>), so he goes flat too easily. I was pretty disappointed at how easily Hera could squish me just by running into me while heavy (you can of course counter by going heavy yourself). It never seemed to do less than 100 hp damage.

I was a little disappointed that there were only 2 kinds of enemies. As much fun as it is to judo-fling the little ones into a wall and watch them splat, or to squeeze myself between the ceiling and a big one and then apply a little pressure... I would have liked to see more variety. Perhaps some sort of air-borne enemy, or one that could climb walls?

The bosses were also somewhat disappointing, definitely less challenging than the normal levels. That's not to say that I didn't lose a few lives fighting them, but beating them was too simple, usually just one action. And, there were three bosses that basically just spat out little enemies at you until you squashed them! I would like to see bosses that:

A) are very different from the normal enemies;
B) require skillfully manipulating the environment to defeat (for example, swing a block on a chain into a wall to break it and release a boulder that would break a hole through the floor, instead of just breaking a rope to drop a block down and break a hole through the floor); and
C) have several different attacks that they would use depending on where you were (maybe they would jump up and pound the ground to try to shake you loose from the ceiling, or toss a rock up at you, instead of just waiting directly beneath you for you to come down on your own; you could use this against them somehow, perhaps making them pound the ground on a weak spot so they would fall down into lava, or use the boulder to hold down a switch).

All that said, Gish has perhaps the most interesting and versatile,  yet largely impotent hero of any game I've seen! ':laugh:'


General Discussion / Just finished Gish
« on: August 04, 2004, 10:26:56 PM »

Quote (nemesis_256 @ Aug. 04 2004,6:40)
I read that you can get the final boss stuck over the pit where you make her fall.  How do you do that?

Go to the pit (should be closed), and Hera will follow you. Once she has fallen into the little dip (which will open when you activate the button), stand just to the left of the dip. Hera will try to follow you, but will not have enough momentum to carry her over the small ledge (at least, it will take her a long time to get up). You might also try positioning the blocks to make an even higher wall for her to have to get over.

Quote (nemesis_256 @ Aug. 04 2004,6:40)
How do you get the alternate ending? i got the one where I saved her and we got married

The other ending is when you don't save Brea... ':<img:'>

Quote (nemesis_256 @ Aug. 04 2004,6:40)
At those U's in 5-3, what's the best way to do it?  I got heavy while dropping and got slippery when i got to the bottom, but I got hurt often while doing this because I got flattened too much.

I recommend leaving on heavy and slippery until you are around the bend and moving straight upwards, and then take off heavy. Being heavy will stop you from being flattened.

Quote (nemesis_256 @ Aug. 04 2004,6:40)
What are the differences between the 3 difficulty levels?  Harder physics? Tougher AI?

On Easy, if you run out of lives you will start over on the same level. On Normal, you will start on the first level of the world you were in. On Hard, you have to start over from the very beginning.


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