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Gish Support / Linux Gish 1.4 patched: /usr/bin/cnrsign not found
« on: August 24, 2005, 06:15:15 PM »
I just upgraded Gish on Linux to 1.4, and got the following error when running Gish:

Code Sample
jacius [gish] $ ./gish
sh: /usr/bin/cnrsign: No such file or directory
You are not authorized to use gish

This occurs only when patching from the gish_1_4_patch.tar.gz tarball. Downloading and unpacking the full installer (gish_1_4.tar.gz) fixes this problem.

A quick Google search brought up this Linspire page about CNRSign.

Did ChronicLogic get their Lindows version patch confused with the Linux version patch?

P.S. I repeat, this problem can be resolved by downloading the full installer, rather than the patch.

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