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Gish Editor / Vehicles!
« on: October 15, 2004, 05:16:56 PM »
This tutorial does need much work, but enjoy it anyway:

Gish Vehicles: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

-Intro to Vehicles
-Why should I make Vehicles?
-What is "anchored"
-Your First Vehicle
-Hydraulics (pistons)
-How to: Vehicle Designs

--Snow boards
--Zip-line Carriers

Some of you may be asking, "what is a Gish Vehicle?" If you are, I should smack you, but I will answer it anyway in a detailed manner. A Gish Vehicle is an object Gish can ride on intended to help transport Gish from place to place that is not anchored to one spot on the map. This includes Carts, Trucks, Trains, Skateboards, other wheeled vehicles, Snow boards, Zip-line Carriers... These all: transport Gish, are not anchored (though probably restricted), and are often required to beat the level when included, especially a proper Zip-line. Keep in mind that Gish does restrict you, especially in size. You will often wish the editor's grid was half as large, and that's normal when making vehicles, but don't get discouraged. Just keep on going!

Why should I make Vehicles?
Because, maybe it's just me, but they're fun and cool! And Fun+Cool=Good. They add to a feeling of living in your levels, and they give such a rush! If your level feels dull and simple, add a vehicle. Be careful though, vehicles can frustrate someone, especially if their so fast you need to know what happens next or you die. Keep that in mind, and remember, if someone gets bored or annoyed, they will probably stop playing. And vehicles aren't the only solution to a boring level, a.k.a. Swings work too. (Swing: A swinging anchored object, like a wrecking ball)

What is "anchored"
I assume you know about the rope editor? (F4) If not, learn about it before you continue. The rope editor, of course, lets you create various connections: Land-Object, Object-Object, Object- Land, Land-Land, Land-Nothing, etc... In any case, those are vary useful, required in creating almost every type of vehicle. (Only the snow board doesn't require them) However, if you use them connect a vehicle to a fixed, non moving point, in a way where it is not intended to break, IT IS NOT A VEHICLE. It may be a lift, swing, or other moving transport, but it is not a "vehicle". A vehicle can never be anchored to a non-moving point. (Without intention of a break) Keep that in mind! (And being restricted by invincible walls, or an only Gish small tunnel doesn't count as anchoring)

Your First Vehicle
The most basic and common vehicle is the cart, and it is also very easy to make, so I will teach you how to make one. Go into the Object Editor. (F3) Now create a number two object. (basic cube) Now give it a texture. (hit "]") Now use the right arrow key to expand it's width to three grid spaces. This is your chassis. Now we need wheels. Choose the sixth object type. Now create one below the far left tile of the chassis, and one below the far right tile of the chassis. Now choose a fitting texture. ( hit "[" or "]") Now you have the three required parts, a chassis and two wheels. Now hit esc and then F1 to return to the game. It looks great doesn't it? Try jumping on it. It fell to pieces, didn't it? That's because you didn't connect the three parts yet. Hit F1 to return to the editor, and go to the Rope Editor. (F4) Now, to hold our vehicle together, we need strong sturdy unbreakable bars. To make bars, hold the "9" key down and click on one point, then another on a different object. To delete bars, right click. Now, create bars from all four corners of the cube to the center of the left wheel, and then do the same with the right. Now go back to the game. (you will need to hit F5 to restart the level) Jump on it. PERFECT! It didn't fall apart, and if you did it right it rolls fine! Remember, if you play with the mass and friction of the parts, you can improve your cart.

Hydraulics (pistons)
(assuming you read "Your First Vehicle") Don't you just love your little cart? But have you noticed that to roll it needs to be on a slope, and otherwise it's hard to move when on top of? To create a truck, or make an automatic vehicle, you need to learn to use pistons. With pistons, your vehicle will always have it's brakes on, until activated, and then it will roll by itself. A piston is in the rope editor. (F4) To make a vehicle move you will need half-pushed (number 6) and half- pulled (number 8) pistons. You will also need a point to connect your pistons from. First, go to the object editor (F3) and create an object number 6 (sphere) ON THE SAME TILE AS the far left grid tile of your chassis. Now, go to the rope editor and create bars going from the center of this new sphere to every edge of the chassis and the center of the wheel it is above. Now that it is secure, create a half-pushed piston (number 6) from the center of that new sphere to the right edge point of the wheel it is above. Now create a half-pulled piston (number 8) going to the left edge point of the wheel. Now perform all those steps with the other wheel. (And you will need another sphere above your other wheel) Now go into the object editor (F3) and make sure both your wheels have high mass and friction. Now run it. Your cart may not run right, so go to the object editor, and edit the RGB values of the spheres above your wheels. R=Length piston extends or contracts, 1 being 1 grid space. G= Seconds per full revolution. (One rotation, 60 divided by this equals your RPM.) Blue, you should always set to 0, because 0 is infinite, and Blue is total revolutions. Now run it again! Congrats!

How to: Vehicle Designs
Some of these may seem obvious, but they are good ideas.
Keep in mind any of these (except the snow board) may have lights.

Parts: Chassis, Wheels
Knowledge Required: Rope Editor, Object Editor
Shape Definition:
A small, non-automatic vehicle.

Parts: Chassis, Wheels, Piston Points (to connect pistons from)
Knowledge Required: Rope Editor (Pistons), Object Editor
Shape Definition:
An automated vehicle similar to a cart.

Parts: Multiple cars with a Chassis and Wheels
Knowledge Required: Rope Editor, Object Editor
Shape Definition:
A string of essentially carts all connected but not stiff, so the can rotate at the joints.

Parts: Board
Knowledge Required: Object Editor, Tile-set Editing
Shape Definition:
The snow board is a single simple cube, extended to 3 squares length. It has low mass but high friction. Now with high friction, you may wonder, how does it slide? You need to make snow, or just like a real snow board, it won't slide. Change the friction on the ground for the board to 0.1 or so, then try 1 mass and 6 friction on the board. You can easily do flips, or stand on the corner of your board, with practice of course. It does take a lot of room to be at all worthwhile though, so you may need the entire map to make a half-way decent slope.

Parts: Wheel, Chassis
Knowledge Required: Rope Editor, Object Editor
Shape Definition:
It's odd but interesting, spheres (object 6) cannot go through ropes and chains. You can use this to your advantage. Create a 1x3 cube and a wheel 3 spaces above the middle. Then connect the center of the wheel to the corners of the cube. Now create a chain between the two from one area to another with a downward slope. There you go!

So, what needs work?

Gish Editor / Pistons!
« on: October 10, 2004, 06:32:57 PM »
So, If you have an anchor and a sphere that is 1 click down and left from 1x1 size, and they are 1 space away from each other, which kind of pistons and what attributes on the anchor should I have to have the sphere rotate?

And, just a quick question, is there any way to make switches follow a moving object? I don't think so, besides have its sides push the switch along.

Gish Editor / Tutorials are nice
« on: October 07, 2004, 01:28:33 PM »
I do love this new editor, even though all I can do myself is place tiles, which leads me to my point.

Could someone post a tutorial of just give me a walkthrough for the basic important things?

General Discussion / Bouncy!
« on: July 13, 2004, 03:39:18 PM »
Go to the playroom. In the beginning, stasrt breaking the blocks above you. When you have broken a lot, and break out a monster, juggle it!

The monster is in the air, you on the ground. Compress and jump up to the monster. When you collide, jump. The monster will go up, you down. When you strike the floor, repeat.

See how many times you can do it! ':<img:'>

General Discussion / In-game Editor
« on: July 12, 2004, 08:09:55 PM »

"What's the game editor like? Is it an in-game editor or a separate tool? How was it made?"

"Alex: it's an in-game editor, nothing too fancy; it was coded in with the rest of the game. You can change the background and foreground, add objects, change objectives and stuff like that"

So where's the editor?
 '<img'>  ':angry:'

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