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Official Forum PostGish ArmstrongGish, available now at pick-your-own-price.

You can check out the GameCom 777 here,

How to record a video,



The Fine Print

*Any Individual can only win one prize and must own a copy of Gish *Video proof must be uploaded to youtube and sent to the youtube channel ChronicLogicGames, the first five sent will qualify *No Plantronics or Chronic Logic affiliated persons can win *Modified levels are prohibited  *Any person can only submit one video per level *Video submissions must start at the beginning of the level and finish once the challenge goal is completed without cuts. *Half the headsets will be given away to video submission entries, and the other half to Facebook likes and Youtube subs. Facebook likes are worth ten times a youtube subscription. The chance of winning each headset from the Facebook promotion is one in (10*allfacebooklikes+allyoutubesubs)/10.  The chance of winning each headset from a Youtube subscription is one in (10*allfacebooklikes+allyoutubesubs). The percent chance to win each headset from completing a level challenge is your total valid entries divided the total level challenges completed by participants. *To qualify for a Facebook like entry a participant must like the page *To qualify for a Youtube subscribe entry a participant must subscribe to the user pages PlantronicsTV, and ChronicLogicGames.

New Level Links

"Break In"

"Gears, Gears, and Really Hot Pipes!"


"Gish Launcher"

"I'm sure she'll understand..."

"Race to the Finish"

*Note, there are levels and textures contained in these zips. See below or the included readme.txt for instructions on how to install them (You only need to move the textures once - not every time).

How to Install a Level Instructions

Please send me video links if anyone has these clearly recorded.

For all System to play the levels (after installed) launch Gish > Start > choose any account > Custom Levels > Load Level
The Levels are

Windows -
1) Download new level(s) zip using the download link
2) Unzip files and locate the folder they were extracted into
3) Copy or move level files (.lvl) and place into your Gish level folder. Example : Computer > C drive > Program Files > Gish > Level
4) Copy or move textures (.tga) into your Gish Texture folder. Example: Computer > C drive > Program Files > Gish > Texture

Mac -
1) This is very similar to Windows, but finding your folder has a few tricks.
2) Find your Gish level folder by following the series,
-"Right click" or hold the CTRL key and click (for a single button mouse) on the file "" in your gish installation.
- Select the option "show package contents" from the menu that opens.
- Once here open Contents folder and inside that open Resources folder.
- Once in the Resources folder you will be able to see your level and texture folders, paste factory.lvl files into the level folder and .tgas into the texture folder.

Linux -
1) Copy all levels (.lvl) into your level folder and all textures (.tga) into your texture folder, both located in your ".Gish" folder inside your HOME folder. Start Gish by entering the console and going to your new install location and typing "./Gish"

Check out Jakejw's install and contest setup

Completed Level Challenges

Break In (5/5) Sorry no more challenges can be accepted for this level!

TuxOverflow :
xceptdb :
glaaasje :
Kwyjor :
EllipticGeometry :

Gears, Gears, and Really Hot Pipes! (4/5)

xCeptDB :
EllipticGeometry :
Kwyjor :
TheBizzyD :

Brea?? (4/5)

1) Complete this level.
2) Throw something to the bottom of the well and record what happens.
3) Complete this level with 4,000 points or more.
4) Climb up the sewage drain to find a secret switch.
5) Claim the secret Plantronics Logoed prize Box by snapping the ropes it is hanging from and complete the level.

1) TheBizzyD :
2) xCeptDB :
3) Incomplete
4) Kwyjor :
5) EllipticGeometry :

"Follow that 'Train'" (4/5)

1) xCeptDB :
2) TheBizzyD :
3) Kwyjor :
4) incomplete
5) EllipticGeometry :


1) incomplete
2) Kwyjor:
3) TheBizzyD :

4) incomeplete
5) incomplete

6) incomplete
7) EllipticGeometry :
8 ) xCeptDB :

"Gish Launcher" (4/5)

1) Kwyjor :
2) TheBizzyD :
3) incomplete
4) incomplete
5) xCeptDB :

6) EllipticGeometry : (also rescues the scientist's pet. very cool :P)

"I'm sure she'll understand..." (4/5)

1) Kwyjor :
2) TheBizzyD :
3) incomplete
4) incomplete
5) incomplete
6) incomplete
7) incomplete
1) incomplete
2) incomplete
3) incomplete
4) incomplete
5) incomplete
6) xCeptDB :
7) EllipticGeometry : ( difficult to watch )

1) incomplete
2) Kwyjor :
3) incomplete
1) incomplete
2) TheBizzyD :
3) EllipticGeometry :

4) xCeptDB :

Currently Released Levels

Level 2 - "Gears, Gears, and Really Hot Pipes!"
From inside the factory it seems that all the equipment is still fired up after hours. Gears, gears, and really hot pipes. One slip and it could be the end for this ball of tar.
 Complete this level in 7 minutes or less with 20,000 points or more. Hint : You can collect over 20,000 points without killing any baddies.

Level 3 - "Brea??"
The track has been tampered with in a bunch of places, you need to find a detour to get the cart back onto path and continue. These carts were meant to go back and fourth to transport materials, but you don't have time for that! Oh and keep in mind these gears have been greased up a little too much. Try not to slip, it's a long way down...

Level Challenges:

1) Find the broken motorcycle and attempt to complete what it didn't get a chance to.
2) Complete half the main path by elevating the fast cart using the button switch.
3) Find a way to flip the switch guarded by a hot pipe without taking damage from it.

4) Complete this level using the alternative path (Something other than the cart will hit the final switch)
5) Determine what each of the three switches/button do just before the giant gear. Annotate your video to document their affects to the level. (The three referred to can be seen in one frame)

6) Complete this level using the main path (The cart will hit the final switch)
7) Find the hidden Plantronics Prize Box, Claim it by detaching it from the ropes it hangs from, and complete the level.
8 ) Complete this level in less than 55 game seconds.

*Credit can only be given to the first 5 submissions, no repeats! You only need to submit any one of your choice for maximum entry credit.

Challenges 1-3 easy
Challenges 4 and 5 medium
Challenges 6, 7 and 8 Difficult

After investigating a little more it seems they are mining for the same power source the inventor was using to fuel his machines.
But wait, what is the scientist's experiment doing here? O well, no arms and no legs... That doesn't seem intimidating at all. What's he going to do? Attack you with his mind?

Challenges: (These can be completed on either Meltdown8 or Factory8 - you pick!)
1) Progress through this level to the giant power source
2) Complete this level by hitting the emergency shutdown button before the experiment reaches the power source, then take Brea to the exit
3) Complete challenge 2 in 1 minute of game time or less
4) Use the level editor to modify and create your own obstacles for this level and play through it - feel free to ask for help

*As always we will only be accepting 5 submissions total, you may repeat any of these 4 challenges.

Chronic Logic News / 2/17/11 - Gish Contest sponsored by Plantronics!
« on: February 17, 2011, 05:12:42 PM »
In a few weeks Gish is coming back. Sponsored by Plantonics, we have come up with some new and unique Gish levels that will put even the greatest gamers' skills to the test. Unique to these levels, there is tangible merchandise hidden within the game itself! That's right, Plantronics has sent us a number of Gamecon 777's and putting our fans first we have injected those headsets straight into Gish for you to find and claim!

How we did it :

1) Bring the headsets back to the Chronic Labs by seaside Santa Cruz, CA

Headsets Delivered" title="Delivery" width="300" height="168" class="size-medium wp-image-299

2) Open the box and evaluate dimensions, density, and some advanced high level molecular chemistry.

Opening the box" title="Opening" width="300" height="168" class="size-medium wp-image-262

Gamecon777 Headset" title="Pretty!" width="300" height="168" class="size-medium wp-image-263

3) Fire up the Subparticle Transfer Beam.

Subparticle Transfer Beam" title="Subparticle Transfer Beam" width="121" height="112" class="size-full wp-image-265

4) Plug in USB

USB cord" title="Convenient" width="300" height="168" class="size-medium wp-image-266

Plugged in" title="Plugged" width="300" height="168" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-267


Keep a lookout for this contest which will launch early March! New levels will be released and Gamecons will be given away.

Gish Editor / Multiple exit areas
« on: November 29, 2010, 04:26:50 PM »
I'm working on a level and don't actually want multiple exits, but think I have somehow added an extra exit that I can't get rid of, despite making a new exit by pressing '5' after shift selecting an area.
Does anyone know about this?

Chronic Logic News / 11/1/10 - 48 Hour Facebook Game Giveaway
« on: November 01, 2010, 02:35:03 PM »
Facebook Game Giveaway :
Sometime on Wednesday, November 3rd, we will be posting a new Facebook status. Anyone who responds to this very specific post with their favorite Chronic Logic game included in the message will win that game! This includes any single game sold on as of November 3rd 2010 limited to one game per person. The promotion will last 48 hours and is open to new and current Facebook fans.

Facebook Link :


1) I posted, why don't I have my game yet?
We are receiving a very large response and are developing the fastest way to deliver games. Please expect a few days delay after making your post before receiving your game. Thanks for your patience.

2) How will I receive my game?
When the promotion is over we will be requesting your e-mail and send a code for the game to it. You will be receiving a 'soft copy' of the game.

3) Has this promotion started?
Yes, it might be over. You better hurry,

4) I can't post on Facebook, what's wrong?
Most likely you are not logged in, or have not "liked" the Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook account you will need to make one, log in, then add the Chronic Logic Games page to your favorites by clicking "Like". Some people have also said that if that doesn't work liking the post before leaving a comment sometimes helps.

5) How do I know you haven't forgotten about me while I wait?
We will post a new status in the Facebook channel saying that everyone should have their games once we finish distributing them. If you still haven't received your game at that point feel free to contact us.

6) Can I have MicroWarrior?
No, only games that are already released for sale on the Chronic Logic site are available through this promotion.

7) I decided I want a different game than the one I posted, can I switch?
 Yes, simply make a new post. You do not have to delete your old one. If you switch after the deadline and delete your old post that was within the deadline it will appear that you completely missed the deadline to us.

8 ) Should I pick Bridge Construction Set or Bridge It?
The best way to decide which games you prefer would be to try our demos available at

9) Can I post about this promotion on my blog/website?

10) When does this promotion end?
Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 9:17am + typing delay to make a note that the post is closed. You can keep track of how much time has passed of the 48 hours by looking at the time stamp on the Facebook post.

11) I have another concern about this promotion what should I do?
Contact Bryon at - please do not contact about not receiving a game until after we post a Facebook status that says everyone should have their game.

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