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I think we need a big push in order to greenlight Bridge It on steam. Maybe you should do a small marketing effort to get more people to support the project on steam.

General Discussion / Re: Vote on Bridge Project
« on: May 13, 2013, 11:26:47 AM »
I also voted for the game, although I think our votes are just little drops in a big ocean.
I don't think they marketed this game because they might have thought that it doesn't deserve the money put in the marketing...

BCS General / need/give Help on levels
« on: October 22, 2002, 06:10:02 PM »
Finished easy, medium, hard, complex and first two extra levels. Got the same problem as Gray with the car driving the wrong way. I don't have enough funds for the workaround tho ':(' This better be fixed soon.

BCS General / Flying Boat causes Crashing Game
« on: October 02, 2002, 06:41:15 AM »
Lo Folks,

Something odd happened yesterday when testing a bridge in medium level 3 (I might be mistaken here, but i don't think this bug is level-specific anyway.) When the boat passed underneath the opened bridge, a bit of bridge came loose (was 'snagged'by the boat) and caused the boat to fly upwards for quite a bit - just 'behind'(deeper into the screen, so to speak) the bridge, and all the way up high. When it landed back in the water, the game crashed. I was in stitches over this, it looked very funny. Tho I can't imagine this was supposed to happen. I'll try to recreate the effect and mail the bridge file to CL. Has anyone else had this happen?

BCS General / Screenshots and Info
« on: September 02, 2002, 09:22:31 AM »
Sure looks good... I pre-ordered already, but just read that the minimum system requirement regarding processor speed is 500 mhz - i only have a 450 mhz p3 ! plenty of RAM tho (256 megs) and a TNT2 ultra videocard (stop sniggering at the back.). CL, will the game be playable on my system? 'Cause else i should cancel my order ':('

Woops, sorry - i forgot to read the second page in the thread. I can run pfx 1 fine (a tad slow on the larger levels), so i should be all right. Phew. ':)'

(Edited by Brinx at 7:25 am on Sep. 2, 2002)

BCS General / It' 8:50 GMT
« on: September 17, 2002, 11:21:43 AM »
Josiah is still asleep atm, i think. Join the pontifex IRC channel! on quakenet, channel #pontifex. We're all idling there ':)'

New Game Ideas / Demolition game
« on: September 03, 2002, 04:49:26 PM »
I must say I also _really_ like this idea. It'd be like the opposite of bridge builder / pfx / any construction game. Such a game could use lots of novel objectives (basically just a recap of other things suggested with some own ideas):

-Do as little damage as possible to surrounding structures
-Make the structure fall down in a certain direction
-demolish this-and-that building using as little as possible explosives
-Demolish this-and-that part of the structure while leaving the rest undamaged (should make for interesting dynamic solutions)
-Use of "old-fashioned" demolition methods (ball, caterpillar, battering ram)
-Demolition of structures other than buildings (bridges spring to mind, elevated highways/intersections)

Lots of things to play around with in such a game....:)

Records and Hints / official Map pack1 level 6
« on: October 15, 2001, 09:00:24 AM »
Hehe, I had problems with this level too - i used a very strange construction. Basically it is  a frame like this:


with the bottom triangles connected, and cables run from the anchor points to those triangle tips. It's a bit like a bird sitting on a wire, but it's just stable enough to hold the 3 (?) times the train passes ':)' No heavy steel used ':)' ':)'

General Discussion / PONTIMANIA!!!!!!
« on: October 29, 2001, 05:03:26 AM »
21) You think the Golden Gate bridge is stressed to the breaking point because it's red ':)'

General Discussion / Tower Building
« on: November 20, 2001, 07:57:49 AM »
LOL, this would be a nice 'level' in the potential demolition game based on pontifex. You can even add smaller buildings next to the big, scrappable tower and state that those must not be harmed ':)' Hmm, that doesn't work too well without collision detection :P

General Discussion / Stepping stone bridges
« on: November 20, 2001, 08:04:22 AM »
Has anyone ever built a bridge where all the track pieces had "nothing to do with eachother", all the track pieces are supported/suspended independently? For instancem I built a level yesterday in which the track pieces formed overlapping stairs, downward. Unfortunately, the "steps" couldn't handle the impact of the train slamming down on them, and the train only got to the 3rd "step" ':('

It looked something like this:

And so on.

General Discussion / Intentional collapse
« on: November 18, 2001, 10:38:37 AM »
Hmm, this gives me a new idea for a future version: You could be able to specify which joints can rotate freely (like the BB joints) instead of being "reinforced" without you wanting it. This could probably be combined with the feature to manually select individual links and delete them (You know, the case of the 4-links-broken-when-the-train-still-has-to-pass-over-but-are-otherwise-fine bridges). This doesn't put any more stress on the physics engine (it functions fine when simulating a collapsing, asymmetric bridge) and allows for nice constructions with movable hinges. Also "hanging", clean bridges could be built this way. I am convinced this is a simple thing to implement. What do you say, CL?

General Discussion / Hmmm, favorite bridge
« on: October 15, 2001, 08:46:02 AM »
I really like one of the last levels of the map pack: level 14, maybe? It's a wide gap with 2 anchor points on the sides and only one (double, symmetric) point directly overhead. I found a level bridge deck doesn't work with cables - it collapses under its own weight, after the cable joints snap. The solution I had got me rather pleased with myself: It's a hanging (curved) bridge deck (a "chain-line" that keeps its shape) supported by cables from the center anchor point. It looks really fancy, and it's strong as..... well, erm, it's really strong!
Got no piccie of it at the moment, but I'll post one here soon enough.

General Discussion / Floating supports?  Give me a break!
« on: October 20, 2001, 10:23:34 AM »
Hey VRBones! Don't I know you from the Lionhead channel? ':)'

Sure, mid-air supports are a bit fantastic, but so are bridges which just barely stand the load ':)'

General Discussion / Woohoo
« on: October 15, 2001, 08:48:15 AM »
Yup, very true! Congratulations to Chronic Logic for a great, playable title! It's been a long time since I bought any game, but this one was well worth the registration fee. More of this, I say! ':)'

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