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Zatikon Discussion / Tournaments
« on: May 12, 2009, 12:32:34 PM »
There has been a lot of talk about some units being unfair or some strategies being unfair or Zatikon being reduced to a glorified game of rock, scissors, paper.

I have a solution.

Tournaments, not single games should be the way to win the most prestige and awards. Let me explain...

The problem with random games is that you can get a "bum" army where you have no chance to win against your opponent. Instant lose is no fun, especially when you have no control over it. In the same way, it is possible to be beaten by "gimmick" armies in constructed that rely on the opponent not having a certain thing to win.

Example: An army of all heretics (since this seems to be a popular complaint) can destroy many "balanced" armies if you have no idea it is coming. However, woe to the idiot who plays heretics twice in a row...

If your opponent has several "gimmick" armies and switched them out every game, it basically boils down to what many people are afraid of -- rock, scissor, paper. With a tournament, you can eliminate that threat completely.

Basic format of a tourney is this: People can choose to play the tournament or not (there will be a deadline to sign up though). If they do, they have to select 1500 points worth of units which will be the only units they can play with for the duration of the tournament. Although you can only play with 1000 points at a time, you will need a sideboard to fine-tune your approach between games.

Once the sign up deadline has passed, players are assigned opponents randomly and are given a certain amount of time (say 2-3 days) to play a best-out-of-three match with their opponent. Players who win advance to the next round (and are given a new deadline) until one player remains (think March Madness). It would probably be good to play more than 3 games during the later stages of the tournament. Maybe 5 games for the final four and 7 games for the championship.

When the tournament is over, players should be awarded for participation and winning. Perhaps a gold for the winner, silver for runner-up and bronze for the top 4.

Some idea for formats (to keep things lively):
Basic Units: Only soldiers, archers, horsemen and commanders
Anything goes: All units
No Expansion: Only units that come with the original game. (So that demo people can play too)
Current Expansion: Units from original + units from newest expansion.
Commons: No units that cost more than 1700 (or 2500 etc -- whatever works best)
2v2: Two players sign up together in any of the above formats.

Tournaments would be the best way to judge which players are good at constructing well-balanced armies that can be replayed against multiple opponents. It would also be a good test of player skill, and great fun for everyone.

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