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« on: June 14, 2002, 02:49:34 AM »
I wanted to register Triptych, so I went to site, entered my credit card details and so on...

But i've received an error page saying that something went wrong with the process, and i should try to refresh my browser, try to register on other computer etc. The was also an info saying that _my credit card was not billed because of errors_.

So i've tried again and again. I gave up, but after a while i've received 4 emails with congrats on buing Triptych with 4 identical keycodes. And _i was billed 4 times_!

I've tried to contact swreg on, and - one week gone still no answer, they're just ignoring me.

UPDATE: OMG i was sending these emails to, not ':)' Now everything is clear, I've received an answer, stupid me ':)'

The error on swreg.ORG is fixed now, i was the only unlucky guy who wanted to register at wrong time. and are two different companies...


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