Author Topic: Now that Tri..Trip..Trip..something is out..  (Read 9963 times)


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Now that Tri..Trip..Trip..something is out..
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2002, 01:12:19 PM »
Agreed, and we do appreciate you purchasing Pontifex.  We would like to update Pontifex as well, or the other bridge building game, and have been thinking about ways to do it.  If it was easy we would have already do it.  I think the community here took a very hard hit when the web page and forum went down for about a month or two.  I was not working here then, but I don't believe that should have happened.  Since then the community has been a lot smaller, with very little activity.  The contest that we ran received very few entries, that is why we have not ran another recently.  Plus Gray has been doing a great job running them ':)' and I was glad to see the number of people who entered in his last contest, keep up the good work Gray ':)'
As for the source code, the main problem is that the source code is not just the Pontifex source code but the source code for the physics engine which is the driving force behind Pontifex, the game formally called Bridge Builder and Triptych.  We hope to make games in the future that use the same physics engine, and that is the main reason we dont want to release any source code.

Josiah Pisciotta