Author Topic: New Unit Clutist Branch/Black Mage branch  (Read 2578 times)


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New Unit Clutist Branch/Black Mage branch
« on: August 17, 2009, 05:54:49 AM »
Soul Forger cost 350 +

Life 2
Action 1
power 4

Cost 1
Range anywhere within 5

Souls: 1
Gain souls when it kills Alla Diabolist

Forge Soul Guard
Forges 1 Soul Guard to portect him/herself
Costs 2 souls instead of actions
Max 4 Soul Guards at any one time

Soul Lash
Costs all souls - Kills Soul Forger and all Soul Guards

Creates a number explosions centered on the forger and any creations respectivly (see note) that is  1/3 X 1/3 the number of remaining souls and gives damage equal to the Soul Forgers remaining hp and 1 additional explosion per surviving Soul Guard that inflicts 3/4  of remaining hp of the Soul Guard so max number of explosions 5 least number 1 - this is a spell, but the damage affects inorgs, just like a normal explosion would

Note all Explosions are simultanious and centered on the unit that explodes

Note: I know this seems like complete overkill, but remeber that any friendlies will take the full brunt of damage as well as the cost oiver over 1/3 of what u can have in your army. and that to create a 3X3 blast the Soul Forger would need 9 souls + the souls needed to create guards for extra damage, and the Soulforger CANNOT sacrefice friendly units

Soul Guard Cost 0 Summoned unit

Hp 4
Power 4
Armor 1
Action 2

Soul Linked
This unit cannot move, it is dragged by the Forger is is linked to as if Rallied by the old Sergant: Permanent, cannot be undone

Attack target unit
Range 1
Cost 1

Soul Shield
Absorbs damage for the Soul Forger

Immune to spells and skills
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