Author Topic: Radeon-4.13.7189-Win9x drivers  (Read 2352 times)


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Radeon-4.13.7189-Win9x drivers
« on: October 14, 2001, 10:20:53 AM »
Hey everyone.  First off, I want to say that Pontifex is great both as a concept and a game (kudos to Chronic Logic).  Been having lots of fun figuring out ways to get past each level.  Anyway, now for the problem: I have an ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder video card, and before I downloaded the 4.13.7189 WHQL drivers, Pontifex was performing beautifully -- no slowdown whatsoever.  But after I installed these set of drivers, the framerate in Pontifex slowed down considerably.  But the framerate in most of my other 3D apps has seen a visible jump in framerate and overall performance.  Strange.  Could it be that the OpenGL kernel in this batch of drivers is slightly out-of-date or something?  If anyone has any idea as to what could be causing this inexplicable slowdown in Pontifex, and offer up any fixes (other than installing older Radeon drivers), I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.  :-)