Author Topic: Bridge Project very big randomness. Drop that phys-engine!!! List of questions.  (Read 4102 times)


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Game "Bridge Project v1.2". My video demonstrate the big-randomness of physic engine.

The same construction on different re-run can be completely destroyed of finished without any damages.

So big randomness in simulation for same construction, say that engine is very bad.

Here is my "why's":
- on first run we see that right side of bridge is red and left side is green. Why it so? the construction is symmetrical! Why right side?
- on second run, some magic happened, and now LEFT side is red and right is okay
- on another run right side event start to crash from start without any reasons. in prev simulation it was GREEN.
- why cars kills the road surface with no reason for it? and why sometimes they kill and sometimes they not kill?
- why bridge hydraylics work so random and often donot return road plates to initial position, so GAP (Stair) left and cars just kill the whole bridge because of it?

why so big amount of randomness and bugs?
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Let me take a look at the video and speak with the other developers and then I will get back to you.

Thanks for posting all this information.


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Seems to be the same reply for the last 5 months for the people with similar problems,  Looks like you should be thinking of offering refunds untill the game is re engineered and is fit for sale.

Sorry but compared to all the others in the series, this is a complete dog.