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Level Editor
« on: October 17, 2014, 06:32:45 PM »
So, I decided that there should be a level editor for the game and being impatient (and a CS student) I wrote one.

Before you get all excited: this isn't ready for the consumption of mere mortals yet -- and it doesn't cover key points like, hmm, lights, enemies, platforms, level begin and end, level type, and pretty much anything other than simply modifying the tiles in the level. I have gone a ways tward figuring out the level format and I was sort of hoping that some of the other (more technically inclined) fans or perhaps even some of you Chronic Logic programmers could help me out on the rest.

Ok, that aside, here's the url of my subversion (if you don't know what it is -- like CVS but newer) repository:

The other bits:
- compiles and runs on linux with SDL, probably could make it run on windows, but that isn't really a priority right now.
- The level data is obfuscated with a key. I'm not sure if the key is tied to product key, and would appreciate input as to if it is (i.e. can it load the levels that came with your game?)
- Hm... I retain copyright on this source code, but you may use it and freely distribute it as long as it isn't integrated into any commercial products (not like you'd want to, but still).

Finally, let me reemphasize:
This is SOURCE CODE ONLY and FOR LINUX so most of y'all won't be able to run it -- but you aren't missing out much.

For those that want to help, gish_level.h / .cpp is the place to look for source code pertaining to level loading and gish_level_format is my description of the format. gish_observations is my thoughts over the course of several grueling sessions with a hex editor and a dissassembler (and gdb!).

Anyway, I hope I come back after the weekend to find some interesting thoughts, posts, or (one hopes) a complete doc set for the level format including lights, enemies, and objects.

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Re: Level Editor
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2014, 09:36:33 PM »
You know there is a level editor in Gish right? It is rough and could definitely be improved but just wanted to make sure you are aware of it.