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level editor upgrades
« on: May 17, 2002, 11:52:52 AM »
Some of the below ideas are realistic goals, others are not:

as I mentioned in the problems forum the diagonal cliffs are sometimes jagged(depending on which way they go)

an Undo button for the level editor

A random terrain generator would be great

the ability to import a bitmap as the terrain map would make it easier to build intricate levels (different colors = different terrain heights

Tunnels would be fun.

If the train could turn 90 or 180 degrees you could do many things with that(could be a texture for left/right turn)

maybe have multiple planes of water (like a #### or waterfall)

The ability to overlay a large bitmap on top of all or part of the terrain.

tree's, houses, roads, cars, buildings, boats, people....various models you can place in the levels.

backgrounds-skies, clouds, pictures....

Night-time mode- would need to place lighting in the level design and have lights on the train and on the tops of the bridge.

other eye candy like weather (rain, fog)