Author Topic: How about "Skyscraper Builder"  (Read 14616 times)

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How about "Skyscraper Builder"
« Reply #15 on: July 22, 2003, 03:47:11 PM »
Yes we are trying to resurrect the forum, get it back to its old glory '<img'>  We will keep the games coming, thanks for your support.  We could make a new type of builder game one of these days so keep checking in with us, you never know.


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How about "Skyscraper Builder"
« Reply #16 on: October 15, 2001, 02:07:33 PM »
This is the best idea so far, but it needs much thinking and designing. Objective? Make x floors/meters high building, which can withstand an earthquake of y magnitude or a hurricane or something? It seems a bit vague objective for me, but it could work.

But how many ways do you have for building skyscrapers? They all seem like blocks of different heights to me. Not very imaginative.