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Sequencing Levels
« on: April 15, 2005, 12:18:46 PM »
As I may have said, I'm redesigning all the gish levels to be longer and a bit hard and more involved than the default levels. I thought I saw something mentioned about CL making an app to sequence your own levels into a 'levelpack'. That would rock so hard. If they are going to go down this route I'd like to suggest some features:

(1) The ability to LOCK the levels with a password, so you can never load them into the editor without it.
(2) The original game levels should also be locked. Otherwise any secrets and other facts about the level are easily seen.
(3) Some kind of thingy which counts how many coins you've collected, so if you have a certain amount you can play a bonus level or some kind of extra level with nice things on it. This is basically to encourage the players to find your secrets.

That's it. What do you guys think?  '<img'>