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« on: December 11, 2004, 08:50:35 PM »
Select New Level from the player menu
F1= Enter and exit editor
A,S,D,W = Pan Screen
Esc = Exit current editor
Left click = place current tile
Right click = delete selected tile
Shift + Left click = Select area
Right click = Deselect area

Press 5 to set the selected area as the exit
C = copy selected area
Left click to paste copied area
Right click to stop pasting

Del = delete selected area
G = Go to tile curser is on
L = Toggles boundary lines
Q, Z = Cycle through available tiles
Shift + Q. Z = Jump through available tiles by 10

  0: Story Mode Level
  1: Collection Mode
  10: Football
  11: Sumo
  12: Amber
  13: Pitfight
  14: Dragster
  15: Vs. collection

  Amount of time for collection mode level, 50=1 second
1 = Edit Background
2 = Edit Midground
3 = Edit Foreground
4 = Edit Way Background
Red, Green, Blue = Edits hue of current level layer

  Name of the background tga
T = opens tile set editor
    Tile set editor:
    Drag and drop tiles from available tile sets into your current edited tile set.
    Q, Z = Cycle through current tile set page by page
    W, X = Cycle through current tile subset
    Use [ ] to cycle through available tile sets

F7= Load level
F9= Save current level
       A file name must be placed in the level name field to save your level with the        extension .lvl
F2 = opens tile editor
    Left click and drag to create boundary lines.
        NOTE: Line MUST be placed clockwise!
    Del= Delete last line placed
    Q, Z= Cycle through current tiles
    A= Creates alpha outside boundary lines
    Friction = Amount of friction tile has (0.0-1.0, less than 0.1 gish can't stick)
    Breakpoint = Amount of pressure the tile takes to break (0.0=unbreakable)
    Middamage = Amount of damage tile does to gish
    Foredamage = Same as above but for tiles placed in foreground
    Density = Density of water
    Drag = Drag in water
        Note: Water tiles must be placed in foreground to work!
    Animation = Number of frames that tile will animate through
    Animation speed = Speed of animation
F3 = opens object editor
    Q,Z= Cycles through objects
    [ ] = Cycles through current objects textures
    Arrow keys = Resize current object
    Left click to place objects
        Note: all objects will be invisible till texture is changed
    Right click to select objects
    Del = Deletes selected object
            Object list:
            0= Nothing
            1= Add player
                 Home = Gish (set player 1)
                 End = Hera (set player 2)
                 Mass= object weight
                 Arrow Keys= Edit block size
            2= Basic block
            3= Platform with middle hinge
            4= Platform with hinge on left
            5= Platform with hinge on right
            6= Basic Circle
            7= Circle with middle hinge

            8= Light source / anchor point
                 Ltype 1 = omni light
      Ltype 2 = light off
                 Ltype 3 = flickering omni light
                 Red, Green, Blue = Change light color
                 Intensity = Change light Intensity
                 Buttons are used to activate
                 anchor points (object 8)
                 select the anchor point you want to activate
      Hold K and left click on the button to
                 assign that link
            9= Pressure plate
            10= One time button
            11-14= Switch
            15= Area switch
            16= Area switch (one time)

            17= object generator
            18= Secret area marker
            19= Nothing

            20= Bone nibbler
            21= Cave nibbler
            22= Hell nibbler
            23= Mummy
            24= Skeleton
            25= Zombie
            26= Gimp
            27= Vis sister Boss
            28= Angel Nibbler
            29= Alterboy
            30= Stitch
            31= Poobler
            32= Honey bucket boss
            33= Sister Vis boss
            34= Paunchy chops boss
            35= Basinjin boss
            36= Satan
F4 = opens rope editor
    Hold 1 Left Click = Add light rope
    Hold 2 Left Click = Add heavy rope
    Hold 3 Left Click = Add light chain
    Hold 4 Left Click = Add Heavy chain
    Hold 5 Left Click = Add a push piston
    Hold 6 Left Click = Add half pushed piston
    Hold 7 Left Click = Add a pull piston
    Hold 8 Left Click = Add half pulled piston
    Hold 9 Left Click = Add Bar
        Q. Z = make pistons and bars visible.
Advanced piston editing (not for kids)
   to edit the length, speed and revolution of a piston
go into the object editor select the anchor point that the
piston is attached to.
       Red= Length piston extends or contracts (1=1 tile length)
       Green= Seconds per revolution
       Blue= Number of revolutions
NOTE: All Pistons must be attached from the anchor to the object or it wont work!!!!
NOTE: All pistons attached to the anchor will be affected in the same way.
NOTE: If the anchor point is linked to a button the piston will wait until it
      is activated to move
NOTE: Anchors with pistons shouldnt be used as lights.
NOTE: Pistons attached to anchors to wheels is hella complicated!

F5 = Reset current level

If you exit without saving you can reload your level as backup.lvl


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« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2006, 04:50:04 PM »
There is one thing they left out. RUBBER BANDS are in the rope editor as number 0! I dont think they have any textures, though, meaning they are invisible, but I am still experimenting with them... ':p' ':laugh:' ':cool:' ':O'
Oh, boy. Did the squirrels get him? It was the squirrels, wasn't it?


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« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2006, 09:22:17 PM »
Quote (Connor @ Dec. 14 2006,2:50)
There is one thing they left out. RUBBER BANDS are in the rope editor as number 0! I dont think they have any textures, though, meaning they are invisible, but I am still experimenting with them... ':p' ':laugh:' ':cool:' ':O'

Thanks for that info.  

Once I finish writing my Battlefield 2 review I must start on a manual for Gish as it's a fantastic game.  The instructions are appaling though.  I've already started taking screenshots of all the textures and block and will include a library of these in the manual, along with lots of other ideas I've been thinking of.  It'll take quite a while though as I'm drugged up to the eyeballs with morphine due to breaking my back in four places following a cycling accident.  So I'm asleep most of the time, lol.  Still I'll eventually make a user friendly manual which I reckon will be a useful addition.  I don't understand why Gish isn't available from most game outlets as it's really fun and addictive, also considering it won prizes for it's originality a few years ago.

I wonder how easy it is to make new textures and shapes.  I have photoshops so I think I have the tools. I was thinking of designing an underground cave system on the lines of journey to the centre of the earth,  but that'll be a project for after the manual.


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« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2006, 09:32:27 PM »
That's a shame as a whole new set of boards and themes would have been fantastic, however I'm sure it will come about eventually.  Good games are always updated at some point.  Gish makes such a welcome change from the run of the mill games such as shoot em ups, arkanoids, jezzballs and a whole host of other arcade games.
As I said I'm really busy with the BF2 review right now, but will slowly get the information together to make an improved manual.  I must also try my hand at level editing.  It's a pity the guys who made all those excellent addon levels seem to have given up.  It just takes new blood to get interest going again.  We shall see.  

(I was hit from behind by a speeding car while cycling to work.  They were racing onto the motorway which I just happened to be approaching.  Man I flew god knows how many meters.  I remember thinking to my self while I was still airborne: "Ow that hurt....pause...damn I'm going to get run over when I land"... so you can imagine i would have gone a fair way. Anyway I'm still alive and I didn't lose the use of my legs thankfully, but the pain is unbearable at times.  Hence the morphine)

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« Reply #4 on: December 23, 2006, 02:10:46 PM »
lol, hope your ok


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Re: gisheditor.txt
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That's gotta hurt, So not funny
I have no siggy :P