Author Topic: Wipeout + Golf? ?  (Read 4633 times)

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Wipeout + Golf? ?
« on: December 20, 2006, 02:43:13 PM »
Now, when I was recently playing Golf? with my brother, we were racing afther each other with our caddy's. Now, my brother cheered and laughed, and shouted several Star Wars sounds to it (Phew Phew Lasers).

The idea:

You have to race against other people, on a huge race track (100km or sorts (That's I think 60miles)). This can be on the ground, in the air, under water, etc...

In the game, everything looks like Golf?, the terrain, the carts, the birds... So no messy textures or things like that. Minimalism is our friend!.

Before the race starts, you have the option to inspect the track, place some traps for to prevent the others from finishing. If you see the other place a trap, you can better remember it, so that you dont crash.

The crafts that you use to race are simpel and extremly minimalistic triangles or sorts, with some things added that could look like an engine, cockpit, or so with some creativity.

While gaming, you can choose how to use your limited energy: You can use it to power your shields (So that you can take more hits of that nodgy wall, traps or simply other crafts) or you can choose to put in your weaponry,....

Another option is to "tune" your vehicles. No, you cant add an extra spoiler or muffer, you can unleash your own creativity on that greyisch texture of your cart, you can add a picture of yourself, or a picture of that mother-in-law that you would like to smash to pieces. Offcourse, to fit the crafts in the entire sober black/gray concept, the texture is black-whited afther you load it into the system.

And the best part: Hey! You have a game that doesn't require monster computers to run, why dont you port it to a console ? The console with that groovy controller called Wii ?

Well, have a nice day in the United States, I hope to come to NY soon, I need a new iPod or something like (they cost 20% more in Europe  :(

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Re: Wipeout + Golf? ?
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2010, 11:36:52 AM »
We have been experimenting with some new game modes for Golf? which involve some racing!