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Micro-Warrior pits you against a sinister viral plague that is waging a secret war against mankind.

The battlefield could be you. Control a Micro-Warrior bot injected into infected hosts. Fight the virus directly, inside of living human patients!

Your goal: Terminate this virus with extreme prejudice to save as many people as you can.

Use your Micro-Warrior to collect samples of the virus and its mutations to manufacture antigens and cure your patient. Keep your bot running smoothly with power modules and batteries. Link up to the Lab to upgrade your shields and weapons or download new melee moves tailored to the evolving threat.

Micro-Warrior's power reserves are limited and the plague is spreading fast. You know what you have to do:

Track. Treat. Terminate.
Game Play:
screenshots You are given a ward of nine potentially infected patients. Select one, then inject the Micro-Warrior to assess the patient. How well you manage your bot and treat the patient will dictate the overall state of the patients in your ward. Contain the plague with no casualties for a perfect score.

The virus is manifested in three basic forms, each more deadly than the last and all capable of mutation. Fight to break the Virus' cycle of evolution by selectively targeting weaknesses in the chain of mutations. The virus mutates from patient to patient and each individual infection will require a unique strategy.

Gather samples of any new mutations you discover along the way. Transmit this information to the Lab so they can manufacture enhancements for your bot. To fight the evolving enemy, the key to survival is adaptation. The Lab will transmit back enhancements and advanced weaponry customized to fight the new mutations. Stockpile these to power up and reconfigure your bot.

Using classic FPS controls, maneuver your bot through various organs and arteries. The Micro-Warrior's internal gyros keep it oriented to your control view even while jumping and jetting through the patient's body.
Unique, interactive, living levels: Play in soft, bouncy levels where every surface is in play. See your progress reflected in the health of the tissue as the patient gets better or worse. See, hear, and feel the changing condition of your patient from the inside.

Evolving creatures: Witness and track countless strange mutations. Experience dynamic foes that get tougher over time and adapt new behaviors as you play.

Customizable Micro-Warrior bot: Gain powerful melee moves and unlocks. Collect upgrades for the power supply, weapons and shields. Reconfigure your bot as the battles get tougher, requiring more energy and firepower.

Non-linear game play: Never experience the same exact level more than once. You can develop many approaches to win, adapting your tactics to match your enemies as they become progressively more lethal.

Patient Management: Fight, quarantine and control the spread of the virus from the outside. Use your wits and help from the Lab to prevent a world-wide pandemic!
This shows basic player movement
A demonstration of conceptual weapons
Play testing with bots
This shows how the creatures mutate
This shows some of the organic structures.
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Developer: Zero Hour Games and Chronic Logic
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