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Humans scavenge parts and pieces of equipment found in landfills and junkyards to create powerful vehicles, weapons and war machines. Their technology is simple but effective. They favor conventional weapons like guns, artillery, and flame throwers. Crude structures made of trash form their compounds. Their motorcycles, cars, and trucks require large supplies of gas.

Fire Truck Fire Truck
  • Extinguishes fires and reduces fire damage.
  • Counter for Flame Bikes, Chieftain, Extender, and Armed Huts.
  • Can get Capture and EMP Grenade research.

Flame Bike Flame Bike
  • Fast melee unit with area-of-effect.
  • Does friendly-fire damage.
  • Counter for Mind Blasters, Tanks, Semis, and Peace Keepers

Gatling Car Gatling Car
  • Good general purpose ranged unit.
  • Can attack air units.
  • Benefits from bullet upgrades.
  • Weak against structures and armored units.

Mechanic Mechanic
  • Repairs units.
  • Upgrades existing units with any recently acquired research.
  • Can heal organic units with Mutant's Organic Heal research.

Peacekeeper Peacekeeper
  • Produced at the Armed Hut.
  • Benefits from bullet upgrades.

Semi Semi
  • Has very long range.
  • Has a minimum attack range.

Tank Car Tank
  • Has an inaccurate but dealy cannon.
  • Has a minimum attack range.
  • Counter for Gatling Cars.

Work Truck Dump Truck
  • Harvests trash.
  • Builds strucutres.
  • Arms huts.
  • Can uncover gas sites with Detection research.

Gun Ship Gunship
  • Fast air unit produced at the Advanced Garage.
  • Benefits from bullet upgrades.
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