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Nuclear radiation mutated some of the surviving humans to produce super beings. These super beings became know as Mutants and posses powers far beyond anything humanly possible. The mutants now hunt humans to mutate them into their own kind. Mutants shun the simple weapons and gas powered machines humans use. From remote viewing to teleportation, mutants prefer using their superhuman abilities.

Amplicon Amplicon
  • Attacks by hurling trash at enemies.
  • Does more damage to larger targets.
  • Has armor, is a counter for bullet weapons.
  • With Amplification research, this unit increases the damage done by nearby friendly units.

Brawler Brawler
  • Slow moving, but powerful melee unit.
  • Can use Taunt research, which causes enemy units to attack the Brawler instead of other units.
  • When Fire Resistance is researched, this is a counter for fire weapons.

Chieftan Chieftain
  • Slow moving, long ranged unit.
  • Can use Levitation ability which turns nearby ground units into air units.
  • Can use Slowness ability to slowdown movement of nearby enemy units.

Extender Extender
  • Has a laser attack which counts as a fire weapon.
  • Weak against units with fire protection.
  • Becomes an air unit with Extender Flight research.
  • Can use Extension research with increases the range of nearby friendly units.

Gate Twins Gate Twins
  • Suicidal unit used to make Warp Gates.
  • Warp Gates allow for instant travel between two points.

Karkino Karkino
  • Provides an area-of-effect bonus to all nearby friendly units.
  • Can get Acid Attack which compromises armor.
  • Can get Implosion which reduces area-of-effect of nearby enemy attacks.

Mind Blaster Mind Blaster
  • Has range and does a large area-of-effect.
  • Can be disrupted if low on hit points or if too much damage is received at once.
  • Easily disrupted by fire weapons.

Roach Roach
  • Can get Roach Armor research, which is a counter to bullet weapons.
  • Can get Clench research which causes Roach to immobilize its target.

Thrall Thrall
  • Harvests the trash resource.
  • Harvests the people resource from huts.
  • Builds structures.
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